About Buytrust

In 2017, I,Bertil Adolfsson, started Buytrust AB to channel all my knowledge that I have learned over the years. Through my various employments, service and quality have been my keywords where I have helped companies as well as larger authorities with smart cards, certificates and systems to manage them.

Now with my own company, I want to help smaller companies that do not have the knowledge but the same needs as the larger ones. The advantage of being a smaller supplier is that we can find the solutions that we consider to be the best on the market. In some cases, we may also bring in a product if there are specific needs from you as an end customer.

It is much easier and cheaper to prepare your organization for an incident to occur. By being prepared, you can quickly and easily restore your environment with virtual servers that are a click of a button away. If your staff is working from home, it's also important to assume that their home network is infected, isolating your company computer from all other devices.

If you and your company need a solution but don't know how to go about it,

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