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NordPass has significantly better security than your average built-in browser password manager. NordPass uses advanced encryption algorithms to ensure the security of your password vault and offers multi-factor authentication for complete security.

Additionally, with NordPass Premium, you can take advantage of advanced security features such as Password Health, Data Breach Scanner, and Secure Item Sharing. With Password Health, you can detect weak, reused, or old passwords, while Data Breach Scanner allows you to find out whether any of your sensitive data has appeared in a data leak. Finally, Secure Item Sharing allows you to safely share your passwords as well as other sensitive information with other NordPass users.

Yes. NordPass employs top-tier encryption, automatic back-ups, and multi-factor authentication to ensure that everything you store in your encrypted vault is protected at all times. NordPass has successfully undergone an independent security audit by Cure53, a well respected third-party auditor. The audit focused on our cryptographic premise, source code, the NordPass background application, and its codebase.
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Key features


Save time and ensure robust security and smooth access management. With NordPass Business, access control is easier than ever. Effortlessly provide everyone on the team a secure entrance into the accounts they need.


Stay one step ahead of a data breach and mitigate other cybersecurity threats with a business password manager. Secure your credentials and easily apply company-wide settings to enforce a secure perimeter and focus on growing your business rather than worrying about the next potential cyber attack.


Deploy NordPass Business for use within your company quickly and simply. An intuitive user interface facilitates smooth and swift onboarding procedures that do not require expert IT knowledge.


Get detailed security insights, see breached domains, assess your team's password strength. Access Data Breach Scanner as well as Password Health all in a single place - the Security Dashboard.


NordPass is the only major business password manager that includes Google SSO functionality in the SMB tier product line. Google Workspace SSO allows users to sign in to NordPass apps across different platforms using Google Workspace credentials.


NordPass Business offers state-of-the-art encryption with zero-knowledge architecture and company-wide MFA functionality along with other advanced security features. With our password manager for business, you can significantly improve your company’s chances of securing cyber insurance.

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