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With a huge worldwide rise in remote work here to stay, businesses are having to adapt to an ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape — changes in the way we staff organizations and the vulnerability of employees working from anywhere can have a dramatic impact on a business’s finances and reputation if not managed effectively.

When one of your users leaves the safety of your perimeter you lose a significant amount of visibility and control over their security. The problem becomes worse when they connect from locations with limited protections, open Wi-Fi connections, shoulder surfers, and ever-present distraction. The attack surface is widened and data breaches may occur.
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Key functions


Complex, time-consuming, or costly to initiate security solutions are a burden on company resources. We’ve designed NordLayer with this in mind, ensuring you can set up quickly and easily — whether you’re transitioning between solutions or starting over.


We understand that one size doesn’t fit all businesses — compatible with various cloud services, you can easily integrate our secure network access solution with your current operating systems, infrastructure, and applications.


Today’s agile companies fluctuate and grow at varying rates, which is why we give them the means to scale at their own pace. Whether you’re tackling ad-hoc needs or securing your distributed workforce, you can scale our solution based on your own business requirements

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