Secure email with S/MIME certificate

With our S/MIME Certificates allow you to digitally sign and encrypt your email and attachments, protecting individuals and organizations from email-based attacks and data breaches. An enterprise can maintain compliance with various privacy and security regulations. Our private key escrow capabilities mitigate against the loss or theft of private keys and reduce the risk of businesses paying high penalties/fines for non-compliance. We offers automation capabilities that enable enterprises with large numbers of employees to automate the deployment and manage the life cycle of S/MIME certificates.

Secure corporate email accounts by digitally signing and encrypting communications with our Secure / Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME) email certificates, also called Personal ID certificates. S/MIME email certificates validate the digital identity of the user and encrypt and decrypt emails and attachments. We secure enterprise email certificates are supported by all the major email providers and mail applications, including Microsoft Outlook on the web (formerly known as Outlook Web App or Outlook Web Access / OWA), Exchange, Gmail, popular mobile operating systems, and more.

Benefits of S/MIME certificates


Provide scalable, enterprise-wide email security, and comply with privacy and security regulations related to healthcare, government, financial, and more.


Deploy S/MIME certificates to employee desktops and devices on any operating system within minutes, regardless of the number of users.


Automate S/MIME certificate deployment, configure set-and-forget renewals, and automatic backup/restore with full private-key-history and escrow.

Video S/MIME

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