Secure you and your company

Cyber attacks are becoming more common than ever before. Hackers are constantly looking for ways to gain access to sensitive information and steal money. They use malware, phishing emails, social engineering, and other methods to do so. Our vision is to create "Security to be free" where we together help each other to be safe. This can be achieved if we together build trust with each other and use modern technology to guide us forward.

Today, 1.2 billion people in the world lack an identity. If we talk about the equal value of all, we must also address the poor and homeless. When we have a unique and secure identity solution, all people can get the right to their electronic identity with an associated wallet. Donations and giving can be given directly to the individuals which reduces the risk of corruption and injustice but also the opportunity to conduct democratic elections.

Strengthen your online credentials


Improve your passwords by using a password manager to help you create complex and unique passwords for each account


Get control of your logins and protect them with so-called 2-factor authentication. This requires you to use your mobile or an external device along with your login details. This minimizes the risk that you will be exposed to the account being hacked.


Create regular backups of your Microsoft 365 & Google Suite data to ensure that you can recover your information in case of an account takeover. We also recommend that you take a physical backup with an external disk and at the same time use encryption to secure your data at rest.


Replace or supplement your current virus protection with advanced AI-based protection that recognizes events instead of the signature on the virus. Should the event occur, the software will do everything possible to reverse the incident and to disconnect the machine from the network. All this happens in the background and users are informed that the files have been quarantined.


Supplement your email client with a signing certificate and then you can sign and encrypt emails to guarantee that the message does not change along the way. If the recipient also uses the same technology, the message and attached documents can be encrypted, which means that outsiders cannot follow your correspondence.


Companies allow employees to work from home, but most often connectivity is forgotten. Create the right conditions for your employees with a dedicated connection with their own VLAN or directly with a 5G connection to achieve the highest security requirements.

Password manager

Start using a password manager and create a unique password for each site. This restricts access in case you lose a password. At the same time, the login process is simplified as the program fills in the information automatically.

2-factor authentication

It is often abbreviated as 2FA which means you are required on one more extra factor in addition to your username & password. Examples of a 2FA can be your mobile or an external device such as a Yubikey (FIDO device). This significantly reduces the risk that your account would get hacked.


For personal information, it is always good to have a backup that is "offline" such as an external encrypted hard drive. To simplify day-to-day management, it's a good idea to protect your Microsoft 365  or Google Suite with Cloud-To-Cloud solution. You might think that these Cloud-providers can recover your data, but that is not the case.

Ransomware Protection

As a complement to your virus protection, you should also acquire an advanced applications that reduce the risk of a so-called ransomware attack. These attacks can be defended directly on your computer or in the cloud for you to sleep safely at night.

Prices for companies


10 EUR /user/month
112 SEK /user/month
Min 10 Team Member
SentinelOne Complete - Virus protection



20 EUR /user/month
229 SEK /user/month
Min 25 Team Member
SentinelOne Complete - Virus protection
SOC Center with 24/7 support Configuration: 1 259 EUR / 14 995 SEK

All prices excludes VAT


30 EUR /user/month
345 SEK /user/month
Min 50 Team Member
SentinelOne Complete - Virus protection
SOC Center with 24/7 support
Microsoft 365  Backup
SaaS Defense
S/MIME Certificate (Personal)
Configuration: 1 259 EUR / 14 995 SEK

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